HMCS Lévis K115

HMCS Lévis was a Flower-class corvette of the Royal Canadian Navy that participated in convoy escort duties during WW2.  

She was the first Canadian Flower-class corvette to be sunk in the conflict, commissioned on January 24, 1940, as part of the 1939-1940 Flower-class building program. Construction began at George T. Davie Shipbuilding in Lauzon on March 11, 1940, and she was launched on September 4 of the same year.

After joining the fleet, Lévis was assigned to escort convoys in the Northwest Atlantic.While escorting convoy SC-44 as part of the 19th Escort Group, Lévis was torpedoed at 0205 local time on September 19, 1941, by U-74, commanded by Eitel-Friedrich Kentrat, east of Cape Farewell.The torpedo explosion on the port side killed all but two of the ratings in the stokers’ messdeck and flooded compartments up to the No. 2 bulkhead.

The surviving crew abandoned ship to the corvette Mayflower, leaving a damage control party of 10 officers and ratings on board. Mayflower towed Lévis for approximately 12 hours, but due to the buckled and unsealed No. 2 bulkhead, the ship sank at 1710 local time that same day. Of the crew, 91 were rescued, while 18 were killed in the attack.

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Laid down: 11 - 03 - 1940
Launched: 04 - 09 - 1940
Displacement: 925 long tons
Length: 205 ft
Speed: 16 knots
Range: 3,500 nautical miles
Propulsion: x2 Fire tube Scotch boilers, x1 4-cycle triple-expansion
Complement: 85
Fate: Torpedoed 1941
Classification: Flower class


Signed limited edition
1 of 200, 470mm x 210mm
Fine art paper 230 gsm