HMS Glasgow C21

HMS Glasgow, a cruiser of the Town class, was commissioned in September 1937. She participated in the Fleet Air Arm raid on the Italian Fleet at Taranto in 1940. During her wartime service, she encountered the unfortunate incidents of accidentally sinking two Allied ships, one through collision and the other due to mistaken identity leading to gunfire.

As war approached, Glasgow departed Grimsby on 2 September 1939, joining the Humber Force to patrol the Norwegian coast. Their mission was to intercept any German commerce raider attempting to access the Atlantic or any blockade runner returning to Germany. While with the Humber Force, Glasgow, along with cruisers Southampton and Edinburgh, faced a heavy air attack by the Luftwaffe on 9 October 1939. Remarkably, despite 120 bombs dropped on the ships, they suffered no damage.

After the withdrawal from Norway and while operating in home waters, Glasgow tragically collided with and sank the destroyer HMS Imogen in thick fog off Duncansby Head on 16 July 1940. Although Glasgow managed to rescue most of Imogen’s crew, sadly, 19 lives were lost, including two crew members of Glasgow.

Following the Suez Crisis, Glasgow was deemed surplus to requirements and was decommissioned in November 1956.

This edition print recorded on fine art stock via a large format mimeograph and generally referred to as Giclée prints of premium quality. The paper is white 100% a-cellulose with a distinct textured surface and the premium matt inkjet coating more than meets the highest industry standards vis-à-vis density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness, while preserving the extraordinary touch and feel of genuine art paper. The editions depicted on Iconic Reserve are not representative of scale and solely for the purpose of suggestive display.

The edition comes with a Sterling Silver anchor with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 which is not pierced through the print but is available on request. The print is also available without the anchor on request.

Laid down: 22 - 05 - 1940
Launched: 17 - 09 - 1940
Displacement: 940 tons
Length: 205 ft
Speed: 10 knots
Range: 3,500 nautical miles
Propulsion: x1 Shaft, x2 Water tube boilers x1, 4 cylinder triple expansion reciprocating steam engine
Complement: 40
Fate: Scrapped 1947
Classification: Flower class


Signed limited edition
1 of 200, 470mm x 210mm
Fine art paper 230 gsm