HMS Islay T172

HMT Islay (T172) served as a valiant armed trawler for the British Royal Navy during the tumult of the Second World War, belonging to the Isles-class vessels.  

One significant episode in its wartime service occurred on 28 June 1942, when Islay rescued 19 survivors from the British merchant steamer Zealand. The Zealand had fallen victim to two torpedoes launched by the German submarine U-97 in the Mediterranean Sea, near Haifa. Tragically, 14 crew members and gunners lost their lives when the Zealand succumbed to the depths.

Another remarkable feat took place on 10 August 1942, when Islay, under the command of Lieutenant Commander John Ross from North Shields, accomplished the sinking of the Italian submarine Scirè in Haifa Bay. This heroic action earned Ross the Distinguished Service Cross for his exceptional leadership. Notably, the Scirè harbored 11 Decima Flottiglia MAS commandos, aiming to execute an assault on shipping within Haifa harbor using human torpedoes. The sinking of the Scirè, facilitated by Ultra intelligence, involved the collaborative efforts of Royal Air Force aircraft and coastal artillery. It’s noteworthy that the Scirè had previously launched human torpedo attacks on British naval units stationed in Gibraltar and Alexandria, Egypt.

Following the war, in October 1946, HMT Islay was transitioned into commercial service, operating under the French flag as Sainte Anne. However, her fate took a mysterious turn. The vessel vanished without a trace in the Mediterranean Sea following her last communication while navigating near the Balearic Islands on 15 March 1950.

This edition print recorded on fine art stock via a large format mimeograph and generally referred to as Giclée prints of premium quality. The paper is white 100% a-cellulose with a distinct textured surface and the premium matt inkjet coating more than meets the highest industry standards vis-à-vis density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness, while preserving the extraordinary touch and feel of genuine art paper. The editions depicted on Iconic Reserve are not representative of scale and solely for the purpose of suggestive display.

The edition comes with a Sterling Silver anchor with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 which is not pierced through the print but is available on request. The print is also available without the anchor on request.

Laid down: 18 - 11 - 1940
Launched: 10 - 04 - 1941
Displacement: 545 long tons
Length: 164 ft
Speed: 12 knots
Propulsion: Reciprocating engine x1 Shaft
Complement: 40
Fate: Disappeared 1950
Classification: Isles class trawler


Signed limited edition
1 of 200, 470mm x 210mm
Fine art paper 230 gsm