HMS Mistletoe T99

HMS Mistletoe underwent a transformation during the war, masquerading as an innocent merchant ship. After the war, it found itself surplus and transitioned into civilian life, traversing Central American waters, shuttling passengers, various cargo, and fresh produce to Mexico and the United States. Adopting different identities such as Chiapas and Panama City, it eventually ventured into a new venture in the 1930s as a gambling den off the Ensenada coast.

By late 1937, it steered towards the Orange County shores, donning a new name, the Star of Hollywood, and metamorphosed into a floating casino and nightclub stationed three miles from Newport Beach. Initially anchored near Long Beach and later San Pedro, it eventually docked off Santa Monica, joining the ranks of other gambling vessels, and underwent yet another name change, becoming the Star of Scotland. From there, it transitioned into a fishing and recreational boat off Santa Monica’s coast. However, tragedy struck on January 23, 1942, when a fierce storm caused a fatal leak, resulting in the Star’s swift descent and sinking.

Now resting 70 feet beneath the ocean’s surface, this vessel, which bore a multitude of names throughout its 25-year voyage, has become a part of maritime lore. Its exploits, along with those of other California gambling ships and immortalized in several cinematic productions.

This edition print recorded on fine art stock via a large format mimeograph and generally referred to as Giclée prints of premium quality. The paper is white 100% a-cellulose with a distinct textured surface and the premium matt inkjet coating more than meets the highest industry standards vis-à-vis density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness, while preserving the extraordinary touch and feel of genuine art paper. The editions depicted on Iconic Reserve are not representative of scale and solely for the purpose of suggestive display.

The edition comes with a Sterling Silver anchor with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 which is not pierced through the print but is available on request. The print is also available without the anchor on request.

Laid down: Circa 1917
Launched: 17 - 11 - 1917
Displacement: 1,290 tons
Length: 250 ft
Speed: 16 knots
Propulsion: x 2 Boilers, x1 Screw, 4 Cylinder triple expansion engine
Complement: 93
Fate: Sold 1921
Classification: Anchusa Class


Signed limited edition
1 of 200, 470mm x 210mm
Fine art paper 230 gsm