HMS Sandwich L12

HMS Sandwich, commissioned in 1927, was part of the Bridgwater-class sloops, serving as replacements for Flower-class sloops. Its duties ranged from peacetime patrols in the Persian Gulf to wartime minesweeping. In 1938, amid the Second Sino-Japanese War, it protected British interests in Weihaiwei. Refitted in Hong Kong in 1938, it resumed service in March 1939.

During WWII, based in Hong Kong initially, it later escorted convoys between Liverpool and Gibraltar, rescuing survivors from sunken ships. Refitted in 1941 and 1942, it received radar and better armament. It sank U-213 in 1942. It supported Operation Torch and underwent refit in 1943.

Later, it escorted convoys to Sierra Leone until retirement in 1944. Planned refit in Brindisi was incomplete, and it was towed to Bizerte in 1945 where she was sold for £3,050 and intended to be converted for use as a mercantile but eventually scrapped.

This edition print recorded on fine art stock via a large format mimeograph and generally referred to as Giclée prints of premium quality. The paper is white 100% a-cellulose with a distinct textured surface and the premium matt inkjet coating more than meets the highest industry standards vis-à-vis density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness, while preserving the extraordinary touch and feel of genuine art paper. The editions depicted on Iconic Reserve are not representative of scale and solely for the purpose of suggestive display.

The edition comes with a Sterling Silver anchor with a minimum millesimal fineness of 925 which is not pierced through the print but is available on request. The print is also available without the anchor on request.

Laid down: 09 - 02 - 1928
Launched: 29 - 09 - 1928
Displacement: 1,045 long tons
Length: 250 ft
Speed: 26 knots
Propulsion: x1 Shaft, x2 Parsons geared steam turbines, x2 Admiralty three-drum boilers
Complement: 100
Fate: Sold 1946
Classification: Bridgewater Class Sloop


Signed limited edition
1 of 200, 470mm x 210mm
Fine art paper 230 gsm