HMS Tweed K250

Tweed was constructed according to the Royal Navy’s specifications as a Group I River-class frigate, distinguished by being one of the rare vessels equipped with a turbine engine.

Belonging to the River-class frigate category, Tweed was among the 151 frigates launched between 1941 and 1944, designated for anti-submarine convoy escort duties and named after rivers in the United Kingdom. These vessels were conceived by naval engineer William Reed, hailing from Smith’s Dock Company of South Bank-on-Tees, aiming to blend the endurance and anti-submarine capabilities of the Black Swan-class sloops with the cost-effective and swift construction methods employed in civil dockyards, mirroring the approaches utilized in the construction of Flower-class corvettes. The objective was to enhance upon the convoy escort classes operative within the Royal Navy during that period, including the Flower class.

Following its commissioning in April 1943, Tweed engaged in anti-submarine warfare exercises off Lough Foyle and was actively involved in convoy escort operations. Towards the end of September 1943, Tweed collided with a U-boat.

The impact of a torpedo fired by U-305 caused Tweed to sink, resulting in the tragic loss of 83 lives. HMS Nene (K270) managed to rescue 44 survivors.

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Laid down: 31 - 12 - 1941
Launched: 24 - 11 - 1942
Displacement: 1,370 long tons
Length: 283 ft
Speed: 20 knots
Range: 7,200 nautical miles
Propulsion: Single reduction steam turbines
Complement: 107
Fate: Sunk 1944
Classification: River class frigate


Signed limited edition
1 of 200, 470mm x 210mm
Fine art paper 230 gsm