Holy Isle

The Holy Isle (Scottish Gaelic: Eilean MoLaise) is one of a number of small islands in the UK that go under the name ‘Holy Island’. Set in the Firth of Clyde off the west coast of central Scotland, it’s close to Arran’s Lamlash Bay where, it is said, a Viking fleet sheltered before the Battle of Largs in 1263. The island has long been a sacred site, with a spring or ‘holy well’ believed to possess healing properties. As well as some some runic writing found on the ceiling of a hermit cave inhabited by 6th century monk St Molaise, there is evidence of a 13th century monastery.

Currently home to a Buddhist community, much of The Holy Isle is now given over to a nature reserve where wild ponies, goats and sheep roam freely.

Two lighthouses can also be found on the shores of the island – the Inner Lighthouse and the Outer Lighthouse. The Inner Lighthouse, built in 1877, faces the east coast of the Isle of Arran at the south entrance of Lamlash Bay. The Outer Lighthouse is the youngest of the duo and was built in 1905 on the southwestern shore of Holy Isle to the east of Arran in Lamlash Bay.

Both are still in service, maintained by the  Northern Lighthouse Board. And both are now fully automatic since electrification in 1977.

On one of his trips around The Holy Isle, James came across this stunning view of the lighthouses and was moved to illustrate them set amongst rolling green pasture contrasted with craggy rocks in the foreground and a backdrop of the grey Firth of Clyde.

The Douglas Hotel on the Isle of Arran is exhibiting this edition and others in the Arran series and are available to buy ‘off the wall’ .


This signed print is one of a limited edition. It’s recorded on Hahnemühle stock via a large format mimeograph and generally referred to as Giclée prints of premium quality. The paper is white 100% a-cellulose with a distinct textured surface and the premium matt inkjet coating more than meets the highest industry standards vis-à-vis density, colour gamut, colour graduation and image sharpness, while preserving the extraordinary touch and feel of genuine art paper. The editions depicted on Iconic Reserve are not representative of scale and solely for the purpose of suggestive display.



Signed limited edition
1 of 100, 420mm x 597mm
Recorded on Hahnemühle
Arran collection